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What Types of Equipment Are Used in Tree Removal?

Trees should only be taken down by professional and experienced arborists. This is especially true of trees that are large, badly damaged, dead, or leaning precariously over structures or wires. There are many types of equipment arborists use to make tree removal safe.

Rigging Equipment

If a large tree is in a place with buildings, electrical wires, or other structures, arborists can’t simply chop it down. They’ll need to get up into the tree and take it down, branch by branch. For that, they’ll need rigging tools such as rope, pulleys, carabiners, climbing harnesses, and friction rakes.

Protective Clothing

Arborists also need protective clothing such as coveralls, helmets, heavy-duty gloves, and safety goggles.


Chainsaws may get the job of cutting up trees done more quickly, but nothing beats an axe for precision and control. This is especially true if your axe is double-headed.


A hatchet looks like an axe but is smaller, with a shorter handle that may be curved to make it easier to grip. Because of that, hatchets are used to chop up tree limbs.


Among the saws used to take down a tree are:

  • Pruning saws
  • Hand saws
  • Crosscut saws
  • Chainsaws

Stump Grinder

This piece of equipment is essential for removing the stump that’s left after the tree is felled. A stump grinder’s rotating teeth eventually remove the unsightly and hazardous stump and roots.


If arborists need to remove a medium-sized or large tree, they’ll chainsaw the trunk and then insert a wedge in it. This controls how the tree falls and prevents the chainsaw from binding.

Large Equipment

A large tree might call for large-sized equipment that’s not usually available to the layperson. They include:

  • Brush Grubber: Instead of cutting down smaller trees or saplings, this tool just pulls them up out of the ground.
  • Bulldozer: This piece of heavy equipment is powerful enough to simply push a tree over if it’s in a place where pushing it over isn’t hazardous to people, pets, or property. Bulldozers can also dig up stumps and roots.
  • Crane: Arborists use cranes if a ladder can’t reach the tops of the tree or if tree removal is especially difficult.
  • Brush Mower: This machine, also called a mulcher, pushes through thickets and stands of small trees. It can also mulch larger, felled trees.

Call Us If You Need Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is needed if you notice that a tree on your property is dead, damaged beyond help, leaning at a dangerous angle, or has grown too big for the spot that it’s in. Don’t hesitate to call Turbo Tree Care in Sterling Heights, MI for safe tree removal services.