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A row of old wooden homes with front lawns and a sidewalk in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago

Grow Your Home’s Value by Planting Trees in Your Yard

What’s one thing you can do to increase the value of your home? If you’re like many homeowners, you likely answered something like remodeling the kitchen or bathroom. While those changes help increase your home’s value, we were thinking of something a bit more natural: planting trees.

A Green Neighborhood Equals a Green Pocket

A tree-filled yard increases the value of your home by an average of 7%. However, it isn’t just the trees in your yard that make a difference come sale time. It matters if you have mature trees in your yard. Home buyers look for a tree-lined street, good tree cover in the neighborhood, and trees in the front yard.

How Long Will It Take for My Trees to Mature?

Don’t despair if you don’t yet have mature trees in the yard. Trees can grow fast. Trees can grow up to 24 inches in a year. If you remain in your home for 10 years, that adds up to 20 feet. Put another way, you can have a mature tree in your yard in seven to 10 years.

Why Sterling Heights, MI Buyers Love a Tree-Filled Yard

Trees increase the value of your property for several reasons. Naturally, just having a well-trimmed tree or two> in the front yard makes your home look more beautiful. Trees give your home natural curb appeal.

But that’s not all. Some other benefits of trees are:

  • The cooling factor: A mature tree cools your home with the equivalent of 10 room air conditioners running for 20 hours a day.
  • Energy savings: One tree planted on the west side of your home will reduce your energy bills by 3% at around the five-year mark. Fast forward another 10 years, and your energy bill will increase by up to 12%.
  • Stress relief: Some studies indicate that visual exposure to trees reduces feelings of stress.

Final Thoughts on the ROI of Planting Trees in Your Yard

At Turbo Tree Care, we’ve seen the neighborhoods in the Northern Detroit Metro area come alive once trees were planted. Neighborhoods and homes with mature trees invite the kind of neighborliness we so often associate with the community connections of a bygone era.

Few things can beat sipping lemonade and chatting with a neighbor under a well-trimmed tree. Trees do more than increase your home’s monetary value. They encourage you to develop good, old-fashioned social values, too. Contact Turbo Tree Care today to learn more about trimming and pruning your trees.