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How to Prepare Your Trees for Winter Weather

Prepare Your Trees for Winter Weather

The winter is right around the corner. Here in Sterling Heights, that means the temperatures are going to quickly drop and the snow and ice may soon be coming our way. This change in the weather can be a bit stressful for trees. If you take a few steps to prepare your trees for the winter, they’ll be better prepared to deal with the harsh conditions and remain in good shape.

Prune Your Trees

Periodically pruning trees gives us the opportunity to remove any damaged areas. This can give trees a better chance to thrive, as it encourages them to send nutrients to the healthy areas and to focus on developing branches that will likely do well. In addition, pruning before the winter can be important from a safety perspective. A winter storm, whether it’s associated with strong winds or heavy snow, can easily take down weak branches. It’s better if these branches are removed in a safe manner before they cause any damage.

Prevent Sunscald

While it can get really cold here in Sterling Heights, it can also be very sunny on some winter days. If a tree is exposed to a lot of sun in the winter, its bark may heat up significantly. Its cells may sense a change in the season and then become more active. Unfortunately, when the temperature drops back down again, which it will inevitably do in the winter, those cells can die. The result could be cracked or damaged bark. To prevent this from happening, you can have the trunks of your trees wrapped in a light-colored material. This will reflect the sun’s rays and prevent the bark from warming up too much. Older trees likely have bark that’s thick enough to withstand the changing conditions; it’s the younger trees and trees with thin bark that you might be concerned about. Be sure to remove the tree wrap shortly after the spring thaw because the wrap could act as an insect nesting site in the warmer months.

Watch Out for Deer

As you likely already know, we have a lot of deer in our area. In the winter, their usual food sources may run low, and they may find your trees to be a tasty treat. They can nibble at the bark, potentially causing damage. Wrapping your trees in chicken wire or another fence-like material can prevent critters from doing any harm. When you’re protecting your trees, remember that a few feet of snow can give animals access to parts of a tree that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. It may be better to be more thorough in your defenses.

Ready to Assist

At Turbo Tree Care, we’re here to help, and we have the tools and experience necessary to handle trees properly. We offer a full range of services, and we can assist you in preparing your trees for the winter. Call today to schedule an appointment.