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Why You Need an Arborist to Identify Trees in Need of Removal

Tree removal is a tricky business. Even if all the trees on your lot are vigorous and strong, there may be some that are in the wrong spot. A healthy tree can do a lot of damage to your foundation and your sewer line. An aging tree can come down on your home or any one of your outbuildings in a strong summer storm. It take a professional arborist to determine if any of your trees need to go.

Get the Canopy Checked Out in Summer

In winter, it can be hard to know what trees are healthy and which are dying. Once your trees leaf out, get the canopy checked for signs of disease or dying. It’s possible that your arborist may be able to bring some trees back with careful pruning.

Pruning a tree is an ideal way to promote healthy growth. While simple trimming can eliminate dead branches, pruning actually promotes ideal growth. If you have a tree that may be in need of removal but you want to save it, ask your arborist about pruning.

Once you have the complete diagnosis for a tree on your lot, you can plan ahead for safe tree removal. Of course, if a tree is diseased or badly damaged, you may not have time to wait. Your arborist can help you plan the safest route for taking down a tree that must come out.

Seasonal Plans for Tree Removal

Removing trees in summer may not be the safest option. Stinging insects may have made a home in the tree and will make the removal process dangerous for your arborist. If bees need to be moved, it may make sense to wait for cooler weather to remove trees.

Spring tree removal can also be challenging. If your arborist needs to bring in a bucket truck or other heavy equipment to take weight off a tall tree, wet spring soil may make the process hazardous. Instead, it may be wisest to postpone tree removal until there’s a hard freeze.

Make sure to plan ahead for the best way to handle the wood after removing a tree. If the tree is not diseased and you need firewood, your arborist can help you cut the wood down into manageable chunks that you can eventually process for a fire pit or wood stove.

Tree removal can be difficult and dangerous. Doing it on your own is not a wise or safe option.

If you need a skilled professional to perform safe tree removal on your Sterling Heights, MI property, call our team at Turbo Tree Care.