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Tripping Hazards Begone: Understanding the Safety Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding provides a vast range of benefits for both property owners and those who enjoy their yards. Getting rid of old tree stumps frees up usable space and creates flat, level ground for other plants, installations, or projects. It also helps homeowners fulfill their duty of care by eliminating trip-and-fall risks and other hazards. Read on to discover how using a stump grinder to eliminate these unnecessary features can make your property safer.

Stump Grinders Eliminate Roots and Root Systems

Chopping down a tree doesn’t eliminate its roots and root systems. Unfortunately, even though you have just a stump remaining, its roots could continue to grow. If you have a tree that’s been disrupting your landscape or encroaching upon your underground utilities, rooting out the stump is an important part of solving the problem. By grinding tree roots up at their source, stump grinders prevent underground problems from spreading.

Prevent Potentially Dangerous Pest Infestations

Tree stumps can attract and harbor a surprising number of pests. When it comes to ongoing pest management, one of your best strategies is to target features that lure insects and animals closer to your home. For instance, termites thrive in the natural environment. Although you can’t eliminate all termites living in your area, you can take measures to keep them from congregating on your property. Given that tree stumps are an excellent source of wood cellulose, they provide ample food for these pests. Tree stumps can also harbor wood wasps, beetles, snakes, and various rodents. Getting rid of them now could save you a veritable fortune in pest treatments later on.

Create a Safer and More Enjoyable Place to Play

Some of the tree roots that extend from stumps are perfectly level with the ground or just beneath it. Although they’re unlikely to cause trip-and-fall accidents, they eliminate the ground’s soft cushion. If your family likes using your yard for games of touch football, playing catch with your pets, or engaging in other recreational activities, you should eliminate all hard, ropy knots that are barely covered by the earth. This way, if someone does take a spill, they’ll land on a soft, shock-absorbing surface.

Protect Your Underground Plumbing

The safety benefits of using a stump grinder extend to your plumbing system. Whether your wastewater pipes eventually connect to the municipal sewer main or deposit your effluence in an underground septic tank, getting rid of tree stumps and their roots is vital. Still-growing stump roots can enter sewer lines and create dangerous whole-house backups. They can cause septic tank damage and drainage problems, and impact other important plumbing features. Proactively preventing sewer line damage with tree stump removal can spare you the spending and hardships of a wet, soggy landscape, overflowing drains and appliances, and more.

Although some tree stumps enhance yard aesthetics, they usually cause more problems than they’re worth. If you need a quality stump grinder in Sterling Heights, MI, contact Turbo Tree Care today!