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An electric chainsaw is being used to cut down a tree that was killed by a hurricane in Florida.

Four Situations When Tree Removal Is Necessary for Safety

Trees are highly esteemed for their strength, grandeur, and aesthetic value. Nonetheless, there are instances where removing trees is necessary.

1. Extensive Spreading of Roots

Even though a tree seems healthy outside, its roots can spread out of control underground. This spread can lead to depriving other nearby trees and plants of water and nutrients. Even in ideal conditions, your lawn might not develop as lush as you want, and your flowers and other shrubbery might appear unhealthy.

Even worse, roots can grow into your plumbing, electrical lines and into your foundation, posing serious safety and structural issues. It’s also worth noting that a tree’s roots can extend outward for up to four times the height of the tree’s canopy.

Removal of the tree and subsequent grinding of the stump is the most financially prudent course of action in this situation. Then the underground roots will rot and disappear over time.

2. Presence of Disease in the Tree

It can be devastating when an infection, such as root rot or cypress cankers, strikes one of your trees. An arborist can treat these illnesses, but removing the tree may be the only option in severe situations. Homeowners must keep an eye out for insects that can cause damage to trees in addition to spore and fungal problems.

Infection can be avoided with expert trimming, care, and attention. Remember that tree stumps, if left on your property, can harbor disease. Keeping the safety and aesthetics of your property in mind, you ought to consider having any stumps removed by a professional arborist.

3. Overly Tall Trees

Large trees can look unstable as high winds blow, causing concern for property owners. If a tree gets too big for its girth or its crown is too dense, it may topple over.

Trees that are oversized are unstable and block the sun from entering your yard. If your other plants, shrubs and flowers do not receive enough sunlight, they will not thrive because the sun is essential for photosynthesis, a process that involves plants using water, sunlight and carbon dioxide to manufacture oxygen and energy to thrive.

4. Persistent Leaf Falling

Leaves fall from some trees more than others. Although most homeowners are content to sometimes use a rake or leaf blower, significant amounts of leaves continually falling on a lawn or garden can be harmful. Leaves may clog your gutters, leading to water damage in the home’s plumbing and heating systems. Leaf litter can be a nuisance for your home and yard, but you can remove the burden by cutting down the offending tree.

Final Thoughts

Your trees are more likely to remain in excellent health if you regularly have them inspected by a professional tree care specialist. If you are located in Sterling Heights, MI or any nearby communities and are contending with problem trees that meet the criteria for tree removal, contact Turbo Tree Care.