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Top Tips for Amateur Stump Grinding

Equipment and machine rental shops let you rent a stump grinder for as long as you need one. If you have multiple stumps in your yard or just a few big ones, you may save some money handling the job on your own. Before you sign a rental contract and get to work, though, make sure you know how to avoid accidents and prevent injuries with these top safety tips.

Clear the Area of Any Hazards

Before you turn on the grinder, inspect the area around the stump for any hazards, and remove them. Grinders move so quickly that you don’t have time to react when they hit a branch and send it flying. Any nearby object can become a flying projectile. Keep an eye out for rocks and stones, branches and twigs, and even kids’ toys. Don’t forget to check for hazards buried below the ground, such as sewer pipes and gas lines.

Read the Instructions

Even if you used a stump grinder before, always read through the instructions. You never know whether some features changed or when you rented one that has a different layout. Do not operate the grinder until you’re sure you feel confident. Make note of the emergency shutoff button. If you lose control of the grinder or need to stop it in a hurry, you must press this button. Most modern grinders also have safety guards. Never move those guards because they bring the engine to a stop when anything gets by them.

Dress for the Task

Anything loose on your body is a hazard because it can catch on the grinder. If you have long hair, pull it back, and keep it tucked away. Take off any long jewelry you might wear, and stick to clothing that fits close to your body. Steel-toe boots are helpful because they protect your feet from flying debris and absorb shock if you drop anything. They even keep you safe from falling branches. You’ll also want to invest in a good pair of gloves and a hard hat.

Work Slowly

While it’s tempting to work quickly to get the job done as fast as possible, always take your time. You want to ensure the stump is a minimum of four inches below the ground’s surface to keep it out of the way. Some jobs take as little as 15 to 30 minutes, but bigger stumps may take a few hours to grind.

Stop tripping over tree stumps and working around them every time you mow. Buying or renting a grinder is a DIY solution that works as long as you take precautions. Work slowly, dress for the job, prepare the area, and read the instructions. Call Turbo Tree Care if you reside in the Sterling Heights, MI area and need help with stump grinding.