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Summer Tree Trimming Smarts: Prevent Disease and Insect Infestation

Expert trimming and pruning by arborists and trained tree-care technicians is essential for maintaining good tree health. Both saplings and older trees need quality professional care to keep your lawn and garden areas lush and beautiful. Not only does excellent maintenance enhance your home’s curb appeal, but it also helps prevent the occurrence and spread of disease and insect infestation among your trees, shrubs, and other natural plant growth.

How Does Summer Pruning and Manicuring Benefit Trees?

Pruning and trimming trees in hot, humid weather provides them with better air circulation and daylight. Keeping tree branches and leaves dry can help prevent the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria that can lead to diseases. Good ventilation also discourages insect accumulation and growth, helping to eliminate serious infestation.

Summer storms with strong, gale-force winds and heavy downpours of rainfall can cause even heavy branches to break and fall. This may result in significant damage to your home’s roof and windows, terrace furniture, vehicles, or children’s backyard playground equipment. It may even result in injuries to your family members, neighbors, or pets. With regular expert tree upkeep, you can maintain the safety of your home during turbulent weather conditions.

Fruit trees often bloom more and produce more fruit with summer trimming and pruning. Cutting back weak branches during the summer months can also stimulate better new growth and promote increased structural strength for many tree species. Especially when rapid development of weak side shoots occurs, these soft sprouting shoots should be trimmed. However, trees should not be pruned extensively during the summer.

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Thriving

By following the expert advice of experienced arborists and tree-care technicians, you can help ensure the ongoing good health of your trees. With lighter pruning and trimming during summer, your home lawns and garden areas will thrive, enhancing the beauty and curb appeal of your property. During hot, steamy summer days, serious tree pruning can leave open branch and trunk wounds that may become infected and attract harmful insects.

Choose Top-Quality Tree Care Services by Professionals

By engaging the superior trimming and pruning services of these quality arborists and tree care technicians, you are sure to enjoy the ultimate beauty and allure of well-maintained, thriving trees. Your home property will enhance your entire street and neighborhood with its attractive and well-groomed lush, healthy tree display. For residents throughout Sterling Heights, MI and the surrounding areas, call our experts at Turbo Tree Care to keep your trees in excellent condition throughout the year with careful trimming and pruning.