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4 Signs You Need to Hire a Professional for Tree Removal

Having trees around your front or back yard is one way to increase your home’s curb appeal. They provide lovely shade when the scorching sun is too hot. They also improve the general health of your landscape. However, when these trees start dying and becoming unstable, you need to hire a professional to remove them. It would help if you kept a close watch on your trees to check on the signs and symptoms showing their time in your yard is up. Here are four signs that show it’s time for tree removal.

1. Infection With Fungi

When your tree is infected with fungi, it’s usually a sign of decay. Fungus feed on decayed plant matter; therefore, their appearance on your trees would mean it has started to decay. The growth of fungus should raise concerns once it affects your tree trunk and its entire base because the affected tree and those surrounding it are all at risk. You may have to remove one tree or many.

Mushrooms are popular fungi that grow along the forest floor. When large colonies of mushrooms grow on your trees, they may affect the trunks and roots. It could result in the instability of your trees, which is a safety risk. When you notice mushrooms around the base of your tree or its trunk, it’s a sign of infection. It could also mean your tree is dying and needs to be removed.

2. Dead Branches

Falling branches can be a result of heavy winds and storms. However, there are instances whereby you experience falling dead branches without any weather effects. In such cases, you should let experts assess the cause of the falling dead branches. An inspection can determine why the branches are falling and whether your tree needs to be removed.

3. Diseases

When you notice one of your trees is sick, you must take action before the disease spreads. Watch out for weak branches, rotting trunks, and discolored leaves. Sick trees can be a danger to those nearby. They can also destroy the health of other trees in your yard. You may need tree removal services before the disease spreads.

4. Lack of Leaves

Your trees may shed their leaves during fall, but during the spring, you should start to see signs of regrowth. If you notice a lack of regrowth, it could mean the tree’s health is failing. You may want to schedule an appointment with an arborist to inspect your tree.

As a homeowner, you may have put in plenty of time to plant trees in your garden. However, there comes a time when you must get rid of the trees you planted. The four signs above can help you decide when it’s time for tree removal. Schedule an appointment with us at Turbo Tree Care in Sterling Heights, MI. We provide professional tree removal services as well as tree trimming, pruning, stump grinding, and commercial tree services.