Why You Need an Arborist to Identify Trees in Need of Removal

Tree removal is a tricky business. Even if all the trees on your lot are vigorous and strong, there may be some that are in the wrong spot. A healthy tree can do a lot of damage to your foundation and your sewer line. An aging tree can come down on your home or any […]

7 Warning Signs of Stumps Blocking Driveways or Pathways

Forestry worker cutting the stump of a spruce tree with chainsaw

When it comes to driveways and pathways, the last thing you want is an obstruction preventing you from accessing your property. Stumps from trees can pose a significant problem, potentially blocking your driveway or a pathway. Recognizing the warning signs of stumps blocking these areas is crucial for timely action and preventing inconvenience. 1. Uneven […]

Thinking About Tree Removal? Consider These Factors First

Man with chainsaw cutting the tree

When it comes to bid farewell to an old tree, it can be a tough decision. Even when the benefits of removing an aging or dead tree are clear — such as improved sunlight, more manageable upkeep, or increased safety — it can still be hard to let go. Before you start digging, take a […]

How to Prepare Your Trees for Winter Weather

ice on tree branches

Prepare Your Trees for Winter Weather The winter is right around the corner. Here in Sterling Heights, that means the temperatures are going to quickly drop and the snow and ice may soon be coming our way. This change in the weather can be a bit stressful for trees. If you take a few steps […]