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Hire a Professional to Avoid Hazards When Maintaining Trees

The choice to care for your own trees can be wise. If you have the tools and the skills, you may be able to address many of the tasks of tree trimming. However, large trees or badly diseased trees can produce unpredictable hazards. Knowing when to call a professional is key.

Broken Branches

After a large storm, you may have broken branches that need to be addressed. The risk with broken branches is that your tree may be torn. If a branch is broken and at least partially on the ground, you can use your own tools to take weight off the downed branch. Every time you trim away a smaller branch, clear it out of your way. A broken branch that is fully down can still roll, forcing you to move away quickly. Don’t leave tripping hazards in your own way.

If a large branch has fallen on your home or an outbuilding, use extreme caution. There may be live power lines or gas lines near or under that branch. Moving it may put you at risk of a severe shock or even a gas line breach.

Downed Trees

Even a small tree is going to be very heavy. Many small ornamental trees have an extremely thick canopy and are susceptible to damage from strong winds. If you find a downed ornamental tree on your property, study the shape before you start to trim back branches.

Cut from the outside in and the top down. As you get closer to the trunk, you’ll see which branches are on the ground and supporting the weight of the tree. Take extreme care in removing weight from the tree evenly. Don’t leave branches on the ground around your feet; clear them so you don’t create a hazardous path for yourself.

Now is also the time to check the tree for disease or a pest infestation. If you have many ornamental trees on your property of similar age, you may find that they’re all infested and at risk. Talk to an arborist about the best way to plant a variety of trees to avoid creating a buffet for invasive pests. Make sure you also have a conversation about the best way to protect your remaining trees from storm damage.

Know When to Quit

A downed tree or large branch may look stable, but it’s still dangerous. If you’ve gone from trimming branches to dealing with a tree removal, the professionals at Turbo Tree Care in Sterling Heights, MI can help. A professional can assess the risks and safely clear away the damaged tree.