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Problems With DIY Stump Removal

Whether you cut down a tree or a storm knocks one down, you’re left behind with a stump that becomes a safety hazard. Anyone can become injured if they trip or fall over it. The root system of the tree can keep growing and interfere with your water or sewer lines, too. Now that you know why you should remove the stump, find out about some of the dangers of doing it yourself.

Property Damage

If you’re lucky enough to remove the stump, there’s no guarantee you’ll get rid of all the roots at the same time. Even if everything above the ground is gone, the roots will keep growing. Tree roots can grow into your pipes and cause huge clogs, but they can also disrupt the sewer line. Any other lines below ground like cable lines can suffer damage from the roots. The only way to ensure you remove the whole tree is with professional stump removal.

Improper Removal

With professional grinding, you can rest assured that the experts will remove every trace of the old tree. You can’t say the same thing when you tackle the job yourself. Even leaving behind a few inches of the old stump creates a new safety hazard. You might forget about it and trip when walking through your yard. Injuries can also happen when you mow the lawn and disrupt the stump with the mower, causing bark and other debris to hit those nearby. Stump removal can leave behind a large hole or void that becomes a new hazard.

Hidden Expenses

If you decide to remove the stump because you think the professionals charge too much, think about all of the hidden expenses. You’ll need to rent a stump grinder, which requires that you pay for the rental and put down a deposit. The rental company will keep a portion of your deposit or the entire thing if you return it with any signs of damage. You’ll also need to buy the right safety equipment, which will add to your total cost.

Personal Injury

The biggest problem you’ll come across when trying to remove a stump is the risk of personal injury. Unless you have experience using a grinder, you can seriously injure yourself. You can lose your grip on the grinder and cause it to land on your body. There’s also a risk of releasing debris from the stump that hits you or a family member. The professionals know how to safely and efficiently remove a tree stump.

With all the dangers of DIY stump removal, why not let the professionals handle the job? You won’t need to worry about hidden costs that raise your overall price, safety hazards, or potential harm to yourself or your property. Call Turbo Tree Care in Sterling Heights, MI today for professional stump grinding services.