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Six Tips for Taking Care of Christmas Trees

The Christmas season is just around the corner. Some people love getting live Christmas trees for their home; these trees smell great and look beautiful, especially when decorated. Many people also enjoy decorating outdoor evergreens. For these situations, there are several tips that can help you care for your tree(s).

Indoor Tree Tips

1. Water Your Tree Regularly

Fresh Christmas trees can consume a surprising amount of water, especially right after you bring them home. Invest in a tree stand that has a large reservoir for holding water. Check the level of the water each day and add more water whenever necessary to ensure that the water level is higher than the base of the trunk.

2. Keep Your Tree in a Cool Place

During the holidays, you’ll likely have to use a heat source to keep your place nice and cozy. Whether you’re using a radiator, a furnace, a fireplace, or some other heat source, keep your tree away from direct heat. The heat can dry out the tree pretty quickly.

3. Decorate With Care

Modern LED lights operate at much cooler temperatures than their traditional counterparts. That’s why many people recommend LEDs versus incandescent lights. Fortunately, LED Christmas lights are affordable and widely available. When hanging ornaments, be sure to balance the load so that certain branches don’t get weighed down too much.

Outdoor Tree Tips

1. Give Plenty of Water

Just like their indoor counterparts, outdoor Christmas trees require a lot of water. Of course, the amount of water you have to give the tree depends on how much it has rained or snowed. It can be a good idea to water around the tree trunk whenever the top inch of soil feels dry.

2. Mulch Around the Tree

A thin layer of mulch around an outdoor Christmas tree provides insulation that can protect the roots from extreme temperatures and help the soil stay moist. When mulching, don’t pile the mulch around the tree trunk. This could stifle a tree’s development and make it easier for fungi and pests to proliferate. Instead of going for a volcano appearance of mulch with the tree in the center, aim for a concave mound. The area a few inches around the tree trunk should be free of mulch, and the outer areas should have no more than a few inches.

3. Prune Strategically

Remove any dead or damaged branches to make your tree more attractive and allow it to focus on healthy growth. It’s often recommended to prune the branch back to the trunk. Older trees may have thick branches, so you might need to call in professional assistance.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor Christmas tree or both, remember these tips so that your tree(s) can continue to look great. For help with trimming your trees in Sterling Heights, MI, reach out to Turbo Tree Care with a phone call today.