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Money Saving Tree Trimming Tips

Tip #1 – Do the Small Stuff Yourself

The first step in tree trimming is pruning. You can save money by doing the minor trimming yourself. Find tutorials online or attend classes offered by local agriculture offices. It is important to only do things within reach and not overprune. Keeping up with the pruning will make the big projects less expensive. When pruning, wear gloves and start with the removal of dead and broken branches. Look for branches that are growing in undesirable locations, such as growing back into the tree or obstructing walkways. For larger pruning tasks, leave the job to professionals.

Tip #2 – Obtain Quotes From an Arborist

When you hire an arborist to trim the tops of trees or perform any tree maintenance, you will want to get quotes. Try to talk with three or four companies to compare their suggestions and estimates. Professionals are ideal because they will get the job done right the first time. They also educate their employees on the proper techniques. This will lessen the chances of needing a second visit to correct problems. You also won’t need to worry about the proper equipment necessary for the job. Finally, an arborist will be able to consult with you on things you can do between maintenance visits to keep your property looking top-notch.

Tip #3 – Perform the Clean-up Yourself

One of the extra costs of hiring professionals is the clean-up and disposal of waste from trimming. If you are willing to rake up and haul off the debris, the cost is generally lower. Before contacting a professional, talk to your city to determine what the legal restrictions are on waste disposal. In many locations, unless there is a burn ban, you can always collect and burn the brush. Another option is to rent a woodchipper from a hardware store and chop the downed branches yourself. This will also save you money on mulch that is laid around trees and plants to help with growth or nourishment.

Tip #4 – Trim Your Trees in the Off Season

Finally, tree trimming is a year-round task. Hiring tree trimmers during the fall or winter will often save money. When you contact professionals for the service, ask if they offer different prices during the off-season. They may have discounts.

Tree trimming is dangerous and should be done by a professional. While doing the trims yourself is possible, you can damage your tree by overdoing it. At Turbo Tree Care, we offer professional trimming and pruning services for Sterling Heights, MI residents. We can give you an estimate of the work that needs to be done.