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Warning Signs You Need to Call an Arborist for Tree Trimming Services

While tree growth is important, there are times when trimming is essential. The following signs indicate that tree trimming is necessary.

Branches Are Too Close to the House

If branches have grown to the point that they are too close to your home, it is time to call an arborist to trim them back. Allowing branches to get too close poses a danger of serious damage to windows and roofing if a storm should cause them to come crashing down.

Branches Are Getting Near Power Lines

Branches that encroach on power lines are responsible for a whole host of problems. Storms can knock them into the power lines and start devastating fires, possibly destroying your home along with those of your neighbors. Furthermore, these falling branches can damage the power lines enough to cause your entire neighborhood to be without power for days.

Branches Are Broken

Broken branches need to be trimmed. They are at risk of falling at any moment, and stormy conditions are not always needed to make this happen. When these branches fall, they can hurt or kill people, and they can cause substantial damage to property.

Branches Are Dead

Dead branches are dangerous for trees, property, and people. Pests and diseases thrive in dead bark. They will eventually spread to nearby trees and compromise their integrity. Because dead branches are brittle, it does not take much to make them fall. When these branches do fall, they can cause damage to cars that are passing by, smash roofs, and break windows. They can also injure anyone beneath them.

Branches Are Infested With Disease or Pests

Branches that are infested with disease or pests can compromise the health of the rest of the tree because the problem will continue to spread. Some signs of pests and disease include the following:

  • A black, sticky substance on the leaves or bark
  • White spots on the leaves or bark
  • Leaves with jagged edges or holes
  • Stunted leaf growth
  • Holes in the bark

If the diseases and pests are left unchecked, they will eventually spread to surrounding trees. The larger the infestation becomes, the more expensive it will be to eradicate it. Eventually, multiple trees may need to be removed.

Always Call an Arborist for Trimming

Do not try to trim your trees on your own. Sure, you can watch DIY videos and read help guides; however, you will never have the years of experience or training of a licensed professional. Additionally, you will not possess the tools, equipment, or safety gear to complete the job. Arborists know how to properly identify hazards and craft a safety plan to minimize the inherent dangers.

If you spot any of these signs, you need to act quickly. Call us at Turbo Tree Care for conscientious trimming and pruning services in Sterling Heights, MI.